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Enjoy your purchases today and pay for them later. Buy on credit and make fortnightly payments in a very simple, flexible and 100% secure way. We approve your credit immediately!

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Accept payments without cards, increase your average ticket and reach new audiences. What are you waiting for? Add Kueski Pay to your online store.

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Kueski Pay, in my point of view, has become one of the best alternatives for buying things online. I hope more stores join. :heart:

Miguel Salazar (@bolvie18)

Kueski Pay is the option I was looking for to buy my little treats. Thank you very much!


I’m eagerly waiting for ‘El Buen Fin’ (a shopping event in Mexico). I’m even paying more of my Kueski installments. I love you, you’re the best, @KueskiPay!

Alex™ (@alexxiux)