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Do you know how easy it is to shop with Kueski Pay?

Discover how to use Kueski Pay in just 4 steps.

Step 1
Visit your favorite affiliate business and fill your cart with everything you want.
Step 2
Upon finalizing your purchase, select  Kueski Pay as your payment method.
Step 3
Fill out the application form with all your information and choose the number of fortnights in which you want to pay.
Step 4
All set! Enjoy your purchases today and start paying for them later.
*Subject to approval.

Enjoy all the benefits

There's a lot you can get out of using Kuesky Pay.

Buy now, pay later

It's as simple as that! Make all your purchases today, try them, enjoy them and start paying for them later. We take care of the whole process at the business of your choice while you enjoy the advantages of paying fortnightly with Kueski Pay.

Where to buy

Buy without a card

You can make your purchases and pay in up to 12 fortnights from your phone. The best part is that you don't need a card! We finance your purchase and and you can pay however suits you best.

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Did you know that we also have exclusive offers? Not only can you take advantage of all the benefits of Kueski Pay, you can also enjoy unique offers with each merchant. Don't miss out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kueski Pay?

Kueski Pay is a digital payment method that allows you to make online purchases with affiliated merchants without the need to have a credit card. 

With Kueski Pay you can:

  • Get your purchases earlier, pay for them later with fortnightly payments.
  • Choose the credit duration that best suits your needs. 
  • Customize your interest rate.

How do I use Kueski Pay?

Step 1: Fill your shopping cart with everything you want.

Step 2: Select Kueski Pay as the payment method at the business.

Step 3: Complete our form.

Step 4: Wait for the payment to be authorized.

You're all set! Receive your items and start paying for them later in the number of fortnights you decide. Your purchase is 100% secure, and we pay the business directly.

All applications are subject to approval and results may vary without notice.*

What are the requirements?

Be of Mexican nationality, of legal age, and have a Mexican phone number.

What is the status of my application?

Once you finish filling out your application, you will enter a validation process of all your personal data and purchase details. When the validation has finished, you will receive the response of your request in your email.

Please note that there may be variations in the response time, so we suggest that you do not refresh or close the tab.

What is the next step after my application has been approved? 

Your items will be released and the store or the merchant will give or send you your purchases. If you have any delivery issues, we recommend contacting the store.

How can I pay my Kueski Pay balance?

You can pay your balance with cash at OXXO, through a bank transfer with CLABE, from the BBVA app or at a BBVA Practicaja.

You can check your balance and the references of the different payment methods from your Kueski profile. Once your request has been approved, we will also send you the information by email.

If you have more than one active purchase, there are 2 ways to make your payments:

1. With your unique reference number. If you use this method, you will be crediting your total account balance (the sum of all your purchases) and we will adjust your deposit so that you pay the least amount of interest possible.

2. With the individual reference number. If you use this other method, what you will be doing is crediting money to a specific purchase and not to the sum of all your purchases.

All this can be consulted directly in your profile, and you can follow the steps there to make your payment more convenient for you.

Keep in mind that there are no fees or penalties for early payments and if you do, you will pay less interest!

Can I use Kueski Pay to pay for only a portion of my purchase?

No, your credit funding will be based on the total amount in the shopping cart of the affiliated business where you applied. 

All applications are subject to approval and results may vary without notice.*

Can I cancel my application?

Yes, you can cancel your application before signing the contracts during the application process.

If you have already signed the contracts, it is important that you contact the merchant and request cancellation. The merchant will validate your request according to their terms and conditions and will initiate the cancellation or refund process with us if approved.

As soon as the merchant notifies us, we will initiate the process of canceling your credit.

Will my purchase be saved if I start filling out the form?

Yes, the purchase will be temporarily set aside once you initiate your order, but it is important to finalize the process because prices and availability may change without notice. If you don't finish, it will be canceled.

Why wasn't my purchase credit approved?

There are many reasons why we may decline a credit application. One of them is that we seek to offer you responsible financing to prevent you from becoming over-indebted. Another may be that your profile is not one that we can authorize because of your current financial situation. 

In any case, we recommend you try again in 2 or 3 weeks because we are always updating the status of everyone who applies at the time you make an application.

All applications are subject to approval and results may vary without notice.*